About Nextronics

A Leading Brand in Hospitality Products

Welcome to Nextronics, a Leading Brand in Hospitality Products, Hotels and Smart Locks Segment.

We offer Smart locks, Hotel Locks, Hospitality Appliances and accessories and we have a goal and objective to provide innovative solutions and latest technology for the commercial and residential market and bring the world's finest luxury product to you at the lowest price possible. Our Air Purifiers are at its best you can rely upon.

The main products of Nextronics are Hotel locks, Smart Locks and Air purifiers, which are widely applied in homes, hospitals, hotels, stores and other public places. With our Air purifiers, indoor air quality will be greatly improved, preventing you from various pollutants in daily life.

We always concentrate the quality with aim to make life better by constantly developing good technology, new techniques and materials to further enhance our products offering. Our Products and services are reliable and reasonable that improve productivity, convenience and lower costs.

Nextronics products and solutions are internationally certified and approved.

Our Core Strength